Eritrea Needs New Tax System

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  • We Eritreans we have to:(1) lease our red sea coast stratgic islands for billions of $/year that is how our economy will boost.(2)Making attraction for investores not by adding taxes but giving tax break, and creating more jobs.(3)Plus giving young growing students a potential positions on goverment cabinet.(4)Raising individual hard working salaries and improve their lives.(5)Do not wait for centures to use our natural resources.We are small country with small population with our goverment we can do more to stablise financially.

    • Dear Yonas,

      So what is your point? Do you mean the nation doesn’t to improve its tax revenue and just depend on lease income by foreign lessee? Also never forget that Eritrea denies that it has leased its land or sea to UAE (see press release by MoI on You mentioned that Eritrea gives tax relieve for foreign investors. Well, while it is not bad to give tax relieve/break for investors it is not also true. Can you give me your evidence on tax break by the government for foreign investors?

      So, what is your added value to the discussions on tax revenue? What I know and as in my factual presentation in my article is that Eritrea’s public finance position is so bad and I recommended a new tax system to improve the current tax system so that the country could improve its tax income for the sake of healthy economic growth and public service delivery.

      I am not talking on bla bla politics. My interest is on improving the livelihoods of the ordinary people through growth.

      You said “We are small country with small population with our government we can do more to stablise financially.” So, do you mean the government doesn’t need your or my advice on issues such as this? If so, you and me should be subjects not citizens.

      Last, I just want to advice you that we need to be objective and understand that a nation is not about governments it is about citizenship. Don’t politicize everything and come with decent scholarly discussions that help the nation move forward from the current impasse.