Any News about President Isaias’ Roadmap? – ዝረኣየ ዓይኑ ይብራህ!

cropped-2121Teweldeberhan Gebre

More than two months have already gone without earshot about the president’s roadmap. In case anyone has news about the ‘roadmap,’ please let the Eritrean people know. I am still searching for it and need your kind assistance. Together we can rediscover our President’s lost ‘roadmap.’   

After President Isaias’ announcement of his ‘roadmap’ for Eritrea, in January 2017, I was forced to call his roadmap a “ghost roadmap.” Until now, I haven’t got a sound reason to lift the embargo. Unless the pressure of the ‘public diplomacy’ is too hard to avoid, the sanction will not be lifted before the rediscovery of the raodmap. In my January posting on, President Isaias’ Ghost Roadmap, I also related his new ‘plan’ with the infamous ‘Wefri Warsayn YkaÁlon’ that costed Eritrea hundreds of millions labor/year, and millions of billions work hours/year. This was only to keep Eritrea and Eritreans poorer. I am still searching the ‘roadmap’ not because I expect any unusual about it, but I want to prove and disapprove the integrity of the president. I know many are disappointed with his leadership. I still believe he has time for correction if not he can peacefully hands over power to one of his comrades in government.

Because I called the president’s roadmap a “ghost roadmap” some sane fellow Eritreans were not happy. As a result, they branded my posting as disrespectful. Others went far and insulted me for calling the president’s roadmap a “ghost roadmap.” I had and still have a reason for calling it a ghost roadmap, though. Frankly, I wish someone could prove me wrong and tell me where this roadmap is. I don’t deny the president had it in his mind, but we need it in hard/soft copies because, after all, the president will find it harder to implement his roadmap without the people’s formal approval and endorsement. If not supported by the people, he will miserably fail like with his magical ‘Wefri WarSay Y’kaÁlo’ program. I am sure; no one wishes the president to fail  again. It is true that, iIn the last 25 years of independence, he has failed in all fields, and he collectively failed us.

Unfortunately, some fellow citizens went out of their way and think criticizing the president is an act of blasphemy, punishable by revoking a national citizenship ID card. In all the great faiths, blasphemy is not only a sin but also unforgivable sin by God, the Almighty. President Isaias never claimed godship and never said I am the leader of the world after. So, no force on earth can stop us from criticizing his policies and flawed leadership.

It is true that everyone has his/her world view. Also, one can hold a different viewpoint than mine, and I greatly respect that. I even much appreciate him/her when s/he comes with counter arguments of issues I am passionate to discuss. I really get disappointed when some people ask me, what my objective is. They ask this kind of question as if I am asking them for funding a project. In this particular instance, my question is straightforward. In January, the president told us about his roadmap for 2017. You may wonder when you a hear one-year roadmap because to prepare a roadmap in itself takes a year or more. And remember we are talking about a national roadmap. Of course, the president was not serious about it. He apparently told us that his roadmap is to further extend his control under four regional command posts. As a citizen of this country, no matter what, I am asking him, where is it? By asking this question, I hope you wouldn’t think I am a foolish citizen.

But, remember, I am also critical of him. I am convinced that, fundamentally, the president lacks capacity and integrity. He promises something else, but he always fails to deliver. He says something else while he means a different thing. So, what is wrong if you and I ask him to step down and hand over power to one of his comrades and begin a new life for himself in his home country? Don’t take me wrong. It is true that he is one of the heroes. He successfully led the revolution and was able to deliver its objectives. I do not think anyone questions his historic journey towards independence. But, now we are on a different journey, a journey of nation-building. The nation and the people gave him a chance for more than 25 years to rule, but sadly, by his admission, he failed to deliver the national nation-building project. Eritrea has capable leaders in government and beyond. Many veteran heroes of the revolution can walk us in the direction of development much better than the president. 25 years, isn’t enough?

Hey, before I go to one of the city cafes, my quick reminder, I am still searching the president’s ‘roadmap’ and his integrity as well. If anyone has it, please share with the patriotic Eritrean people and me!

Good day!

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  • Tomas Michael

    Hello Teweldeberhan,

    Many thanks for sharing your legitimate thought. I fully agree with all your points that the so called president has failed on every field. More over I fully agree with that is 25 years Not enough for him? It is more than enough. One thing that I do Not share with you is that I do Not think he is a hero and led the independence successfully. For me he struggled for himself and power and he had a long term agenda. I think that is why the struggle for independence has taken 3o years of war. In short for me, He is Not a hero.

    • Anonymous

      True factual post Tewoldebrehanlet the Nehna nesu crowd swallow thefacts

    • Thomas,
      Do you know what? As individuals we make history and make mistakes in our entire life. We don’t have to make heroic job in our entire life. To be a hero 1 sec is enough and become heroes in heart of people. Quite frankly, in his life he did a good job like his comrades and we should not overlook his great work in the past. The issue is that he couldn’t lead a free Eritrea into development and prosperity. In fact, he missed all the opportunities and supports by his people. He knows Eritreans are not happy about him and instead of rethinking his leadership he keeps making mistakes.

      • Tomas Michael

        Hello Teweldeberhan,

        Many thanks for responding to my comments. I fully understand your view point and I agreed he has done history in the struggle for independence. However if a person is a hero he should decide the right thing for the sake of the people. You said”he knows that the people of Eritrea is not happy about him but continues to make mistakes”. You see if he is a hero and if he know that the people is not happy about him, He should take a difficulkt decision to hand over his power back the people. Since He didn’t hand over his power so far He dismissed his HERO status by him self. Thanks