Eritrea: Beyond the ‘No Forced Returns’ of Migration Policy?

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  • Hi Tewelde

    I am confused as to who exactly you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Early on I thought you were on the side of the oppressed people of Eritrea against the tyrannical regime of Isaias Afewerki. Now, it seems you have turned hundred eighty degrees externalizing the cause of the Eritrean saga in a bid to absolve the immaculate and sadistic criminal against humanity.

    As our old adage says—–Kab Kolel Ksad Mhaz—– meaning that an issue can be resolved more effectively and efficiently by focusing on its root causes rather than on its ramifications. Therefore, if we are to diagnose the Eritrean evolving crisis and prescribe a potent cure, we need to concentrate on the primal causes.
    I say with conviction that the Eritrean crisis started with two important illegal undertakings Isaias afewerk purposely did:
    1. The illegal handing over of Badme to woyane in 1985
    2. The illegal launching of 1998 war with Ethiopia.
    The two are obviously interconnected because Badme was the cause for the 1998 war, and also for the pervasive —No War No Peace —situation under which Eritrea and it’s people are being vaporized.
    The among the justifications the Isaias afewerk eulogists mention is that Badme was given away to woyane in order corrupt it into signing Eritrean independence. But this is untenable position because woyane, unlike EPRP, had already recognized Eritrean colonial question.

    Some also say that it was done to lure woyane into the war because Ethiopia was initiating two frontal military offensive against the EPLFs at the time. This is futile because woyane did not need any luring because the defeat of EPLFs was sure to bring it’s own defeat as well. It was thus a matter of necessity for woyane to join the EPLFs.
    Isaias afewerk never stated to the Eritrean people that Badme was in the hands of woyane, pre or post-independence. When some EPLFs complained of the status of it’s, and when woyane was illegally and forcefully deporting Eritreans from Badme, he gave it all his deaf ears.

    Suddenly, under the false guise of woyane invasion, without notifying either the OAU or UNSC, he launched the alleged counteroffensive of 1998 war. But then, if he his justification were true, why didn’t he remain in the country seized of the situation instead of travelling abroad, and also subsequently failed to convince the Ethiopian Eritrean Claim Commission that it was Ethiopia that started the war but was convicted to have started the war.


    Badme is the Alfa and Omega of the Eritrean saga, and the author and perpetrator is none other than Isaias afewerk. He handed it over to woyane to serve him as time bomb to be exploded at his own opportune time. Other than what I stated above, there are many evidences to support this truth, such as:
    1. After the Eritrean Defense Forces successfully routed out woyans two successive military offensives, just before woyans third offensive, isaias afewerk took complete control of the Command Center of the Eritrean Army, and woyane registered it’s first victory. That happened because Isaias afewerk opened a corridor for woyane contingent army to penetrate deep into Eritrea and attacked Eritrean Army at Gash Barks from their rearguard.
    2. Isaias afewerk tried to hand over Port Aseb to woyane by ordering Eritrean army to withdraw. The Eritrean army rejected the order and saved the Port.
    3. He threw into his underground dungeons senior government officials who tried to hold him to account for initiating the war and how he conducted it. No one with clear conscience would take such diabolic measure against his life time comrades, only he who had a lot to risk with revealing the truth.
    4. Who would attempt to seize back a property, Badme, with bloodshed that he had relinquished voluntarily? Only he who would draw benefit from the ensuing turmoil.
    5. Who would abolish Constitution and parliament after a war ended in peace treaty? Only he who is sure his criminal Enterprise will be exposed .
    6. Who would plunge a people into lawlessness, unfettered corruption, rampant inflation, pervasive black market, human traffickers, diseases, starvation and pushes them to flee the country in droves etc.? Only he who wants the land and not the people.

    Have no mistake that Isaias afewerk is the enemy of our people, and woyane and other powerful countries are his accomplices, not his enemies as he would have us believe. Do not be misled by his false patriotism. It is all flattery ,Orwellian doublespeak, to mislead and deceive the gullible into Oblivion .

    • Me Wagn

      HI Zera,

      I don’t think the author of the article is advocating for the government in Asmara.

      From my reading he is trying to offer one possible solution to the problem of the unregulated immigration from his country,I would say by extension,to Ethiopia and others who are heavily affected by this problem.

      The new reality today is characterized by much more different socioeconomic realities than what it was say in the year 2000.

      The two governments (basically PFDJ and TPLF) are as entrenched today as they were then. Most of the opposition movements are not visible driving factors yet. Under these circumstances throwing some “educated guss” as a solution shall merit everyone; including those in the opposition. …

  • Me Wagn

    Dear writer,

    Your conceptual approach is plausible and as such shall be appreciated.

    The key problem at hand is the philosophical (fundamental ) difference between what you think the government shall do (work for the country & it’s people), and what the government is actually doing party (–read PFDJ–) ethernal self preservation drive above all and every thing.

    This self preservation drive, of PFDJ, is vividly visible in the Eritrean contemporary economy, than any time before. The government is inherently alergic to an open-ended 1) money making, 2) free competition, and 3) prosperity of its citizens.

    Taking these into factoring, the most likely–halfway–working formula for the European and Eritrean government could be more on the vocational training, college, infrastructure, ….as the least common ground for all concerned parties.

  • Romay

    Brilliant article.