Eritrea: Escaping from the 25 Years Long Economic Trap-Part I

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  • wedinakfa

    Skewed analysis to fit your own defunct ideology is no panacea for Eritrea, teacher of MEZMUR!!!

    • Adam

      At the end of the day the question is ” where is the beef” . Result speaks for itself. Mr. Teweldeberhan Thanks for your relentless realistic contribution to better our country. Keep it up. Everybody is learning from your sincere truthful analytic contribution.

    • Teweldeberhan

      “ኣብታይ’ሲ ካብተን ጸጊበን ዝዕንድራ፣ ይዕንድራ ኣለዋ ኢለን ዝዕንድራ ይበዝሓ” ይብሉ ኣቦታትን ኣደታትን።

      • wedinakfa

        Wow it is nice after 10m days you woke from your doldrums, haleluya!!!