France receives “about 500 billion dollars” from Africa annually-IMF

asmarahutBy Asmaraonline

Asmara-online wishes to share with you the following short presentation by Mallence Bart-Williams, a German of Sierra Leonen origin.

As referred by the presented, according to IMF (International Monetary Fund), France receives “about 500 billion dollars” from Africa annually from debt services of its post-colonial period to its former colonies. The presenter also points out that destabilization of wealthier nations in Africa is the tool for exploitation of resources. It tells us, as we go for democratic changes in our countries we need to understand the double standards of Western leaders too.

BUT, domestication of exploitation is not a way forward too! Listen what Eritreans at home have to say without fear of reprisal by the government which only shows their deep deep desperation about their economic circumstances and their anger about the government’s policy is clear. As much as the neon-colonial powers inflict harms on us (Africans) so does our leaders by mishandling of our resources, both human and economic.