Good Job Mr. President, Keep It Up!

saudi-cableBy The Editor

According to the Saudi Cable, the web page of the Saudi Cable Company and Hidada, a sister company under Xenel Group information, President Isaias invited the Company’s officials to invest in Eritrea’s energy and water sectors. The invitation was welcomed by the companies with great honor and commitment to invest in the aforementioned sectors.

According to the Cable “The visit was a resounding success as President Isaias Afwerki, outlined the countries active and future projects in the energy and water sectors.” Saudi Cable “Company and Hidada had the pleasure of accepting the invitation and will work with great commitment to gain a long term relationship with the President and the country,” says the news of the company.

Asmara-online encourages the President for more personal foreign direct investment (FDI) invitations in other sectors of the economy and create decent employment for the citizens of the country. Your personal invitations for FDI is important because it builds the confidence of potential and existing investments. Do it and do it faster.