Happy New Year 2017 to Eritreans and Friends of Eritrea

asmarahutBy Asmara-Online

A fresh new year 2017 is once again upon us. Thus, it’s time to take stock of all our past achievements and failures, start afresh, and start strong for change in the best interest of our people and nation. It is in our culture to appraise, first and foremost, our weaknesses and take stock of our strengths so that to address them. As we do so, the year 2017 is yet another chance, as people and government, to do everything to change the economic circumstances of our people. Calendars are tools to plan and execute plans. Change in calendar doesn’t mean anything unless we have aim and purpose to commit ourselves to achieve something within the calendar years. Asmara-Online wishes the year 2017 to be a special year for our people and country.

Happy New Year 2017 and Merry Christmas!