Horrifying Story: “Particularly these days migration is not a solution!”

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  • Anonymous

    hasot!!!!!!! narration always whay u hosting !!!!!!!!

    • If you wish keep your behavior you will be eliminated from the page for ever.

  • ዘይከውን ካብ ሓቂ ዝረሓቐ ቤላቤለው ታሪኽ ንኣስመሪኖ ኦንላይን ዘሖግስ ፈጠራ

    • ካሓዲ-ንስኻ ንባዕልካኻ ብእኡ ሓሊፍካ ትኸውን።

    • On January I went to the Sudan to meet some family members who reached there newly, for two weeks I was crying everyday on hearing very horrible stories that is happening to our young brothers and sisters in their risky journey from their beloved country which was turned to a hellhole by the mafia regime when you see by your own eyes the inhuman treatment of Sudanese security forces and criminal gangs more tears and tears that was my daily life on those two weeks. This story of these young girls and their cousin the relatively happy ending makes you smile.

  • Anonymous

    mass migration is due to political and economic situation and the economic situation is created by the ruling junta, as they drained all economic channels especially the commercial channel to smuggle exchange rates and contro- banded goods through illegal channels .they thought will make more money for themselves by

    this way.