Martin Flawed’s and Selam Kidane’s Embezzled Report

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  • scorp100n

    I don’t why Teweldeberhan Gebre thinks Martin and Selam are “thieves”. They mentioned the source article. Teweldeberhan you are simply HIGDEF lacky. free yourself first from Iseyases enslavement.

    • Teweldeberhan

      My friend they cheated you like they repeatedly did before. Don’t allow yourself for manipulation.

  • Selam Kidane

    Kwashiorkor is a severe form of malnutrition. It’s most common in some developing regions of the world where babies and children have a diet that lacks protein and other essential nutrients.

    The main sign of kwashiorkor is too much fluid in the body’s tissues, which causes swelling under the skin (oedema). It usually begins in the legs, but can involve the whole body, including the face.

    • Dani berhane

      Selam haftey,
      Don’t bother with people who are practicing their new vocabulary in the wrong place 🙂 and pretend to hurt pfdj by waving plastic knife with one hand while their other hand tries to push in a sharp knife into the anti-tyranny activists. Keep up the good job Selam, Martin, and all the hard working activists. Expose, Expose, and keep Exposing what the regime doesn’t want Eritreans to know!

    • wedinakfa

      stop showing off that how stupid you are!!!

  • Tewelde Gebremariam

    They wrote their version of the Eritrean prevalence of serious malnutrition and you wrote yours but neither of it can be verified on the ground. Why? Because isaias afewerk and his cabals, enslaving the people by force ,have deliberately kept the country in complete isolation from the rest of the world community.
    And you and I know that no one would enslave a people and isolate the country for any divine reasons but so that he can perpetrate evil on the people with impunity ,and if any incriminating evidence leaks to outside world, he can shrug off as inventions of the enemies of the country, of which his refusal to allow entry to the country to the Commission of Inquiry is the best illustration.
    Under this circumstance, your objection to Martin’s report, regardless of his motive, has no merit at all. Isaias afewerk is indefensible criminal, who is already convicted of Crime Against Humanity, which I roughly estimate at 500,000 innocent Eritreans since independence.

  • Solomon Rufael

    ክቡር ሓው አቶ ተወልደብርሃን እቲ ሓቂ ገሊጽካዮ ኢካ እሞ 、ንድሕሪ ሕጂ እውን ነዚኦም ከምዚ ዝመሰሉ ነውራማት ጋዜጠኛታት ወይ እውን ተጣበቅቲሰብአዊ መሰላት ብሃልቲ አብ ባይታ ዘየሎ ሰእሊ ከየቅርቡ ወይ እውን ከይጽሕፉ ዕድል አይትሃቦም. የቀንየልና

    • Dani berhane

      ab bayta zeyelo? did he check?