Ms. Bruton: Not Worth of Your Time!

asmarahutBy Teweldeberhan Gebre

A sect by the name ‘awate’ team are in the business of vilification and disparagement campaign against a distinguished woman and her institution, Ms. Bronwyn Bruton and the African center of the Atlantic Council. The sect initially posted their despicable piece of writing under the title Undercover Lobbyist Rethinking Eritrea on the 8th December in which the sect protested for not taking part on the seminar, Rethinking Eritrea, organized and moderated by the African Center of the Atlantic Council’s deputy director, Bronwyn Bruton, on the same day. The sect, out of their voracity to patrol everything about a country for which they have little respect to its people and its sovereign existence, always wants to gleam in every platform at the cost of the great people and nation.

I debunked to their piece not out of concern of the wait and graveness of their piece but simply to refute their allegations and charge against the distinguished researcher and deputy director, Ms. Bruton. In response, many respected compatriots replied and commented on my posting “Does Ms. Bronwyn Bruton Need 25 Years Stay in Asmara to Be Qualified Expert in Eritrean Affairs?” advising me that it is not worth of my time. They were right and I fully consent with their comments. I also agree with Mr. Aghade’s open letter to Ms. Bruton essentially advising Ms. Bruton not to give a room for domestic politics but to focus on her central work of restoring the relationships between the US and Eritrea. Unless ignored the bankrupted sec and its head of state, Saleh Younis, will not stop from posting such rubbish stuff as long as they get paid by their masters of the ‘greater tigray’.

As if the first rubbish stuff is not enough, the head of the sect, Saleh Younis, came out again with another maligning post under the Atlantic Council: Leaving Eritreans in the Cold. The message is the same: “Yes, we Eritreans should have been in the panel and we would have provided context to all our Mzungus.  But first we have to learn to keep our emotions in check,” Mr. Younis said. For the sect and its CEO “we Eritreans” means the sect. The rest of us are Mzungus, a term that refers to people of European descent by the Great Lakes region countries. It is not a surprise to hear sectarian remark from the sect because the sect is born out of sectarianism be religion or any other form of sectarian nature. Surprising though is when the head of the sect says “but, first we have to learn to keep our emotions in check” as if he and his sect ever had any control over their behavior. In case the CEO of the sect forgot, I refer him back to his Kangaroo website and read again – Undercover Lobbyist Rethinking Eritrea.

The question is should Ms. Bruton spare a minute to respond to whatever the sect has to say? Certainly, the answer for this question is up to Ms. Bruton but there is always a limit and Bruton knows very much than most of us do. No need to advise her. As to the sect and its head, they are born out of anger and lack of decency.

Never mind, as always, the Mzungus of Eritrea will keep defying outside forces in our internal affairs.