President Isaias’ Call to Boost Savings and Investment Doesn’t Hold Water

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  • Afewerki Gebru

    ተዘካሪ ጥቕስታት ለባማት ወለድና

    እንተ ክፊኡ እንተ ጸቢቑ ብሐንገልናእምበር ብሐንጎል ደቒ ባዕዲ አይንኺድ ! አይንታለል ። ብሐቂ አንተደአ

    ንሃገርናን ንሕዝብናን ነገልግል ኮይንና ! ጸበባ ሕዝብና ንረኣ ! ጠዕሚ ርእስና ኣይንረኣ ! እህ ህ ህ—-እህ !


    ወለድና ስጋብ ኽንደይለባማትን መስተውዐልቲን ኣርሒቅም ዝጥምቱኸምዝነበሩ የመልክት !!!

    ውርሲ ህጡራት ጀጋኑ ወለድናን ኣባሐጎታትናን ኣይታትናን ነስተብህለሉ !!!!!!!!!

  • Ebay-Asmara

    I can’t put any judgement on your analysis because I don’t know anything about economics, let alone, national economics. What I want to ask you is, if journalists from ESAT or OMN (Oromo TV) can travel all the way to Eritrea to interview the President, why not you? Have you tried?

    • Teweldeberhan

      Dear Embay-Asmara,

      Do you think the President lacks the knowledge to manage the economy of the nation? In my humble opinion, the President lacks interest to see a prosperous nation and people. His ambition is to control the economic, political and social aspects of the people. He doesn’t want loose control of the economy. In other words, he thinks if he looses control over the economy he feels unsure control over the political and social aspects of the nation. This is ridiculous. Instead, he preaches self-reliance as a scapegoat for controlling the economy of the nation while actually he is against the principles of self-reliance. Self-reliance is about empowering individuals to be able to lead a decent life without or with little dependence on others. But, now the whole nation is dependent on the state. There is no job opportunity outside the state meaning Eritreans are fully controlled by the government.

      I can tell you he is suffering from distrust of his comrades and the whole people. He knows no one trusts him. Hence, his call for saving and investment will bring results. I don’t think you will put your money in his banks not because you don’t want to but because you don’t trust him. Nevertheless, I can assure you that Eritrea after this President will be a prosperous nation. Many nationals don’t see this but history tells us otherwise.

  • Teweldeberhan

    ኣድላዪ ኣብ ዝኾነሉ ጥራሕ! ርእሲ እንተ ሃሊዩካ ኣብቲ ጉዳይ ብኣወንታ ዲዩ ብኣሉታ ተዋሳእ። ርእሲ ዘይብሉ ኢዩ ካብ ጉዳይ ወጻኢ ሃተውተው ዝብል። ድሓር ካኣ ንኸምዚ ከማኻ ድዑል ደምበ ባሃም ዘይኮነስ ንኤርትራውያን ዝተጻሓፈ ኢዩ።

  • Tesfa

    Please leave my country alone, why is posting your junk website

  • Tesfa

    No matter you ramble you will never bring our beloved PIA. You already exposed who you are when you talk about Jeberti, it’s obvious your evil intention, your a satellite of

    • Teweldeberhan

      ተስፋ፡ ኣብ ሃገርና ባትራይ ዝባሃል ኣሎ። ባትራይ ማለት በትሪ ጥራሕ ዘሎዎ ርእሲ ዘይብሉ ማለት ኢዩ። ባትራይ እንተ በልኩኻ እንታይ ይመስለካ?

      • wedinakfa

        Mr Teweldebrhan for how long are you going to please yourself aha little did I notice you are practical DIYer, ajoka batray nebynika ab ……. teqaumataE

  • almaz

    “there you go again” Mr. President endless drama of so called investment… with all due respect, no investment can exist without rule of law, Transparency, and Accountability. Mr. President let me name a few things startup investors look for before investing.
    A) Rule of Law
    B) Safety
    C) Risk
    D) Accountability
    E) Functional institutions
    F) Financial institutions
    G) Institutions of Government
    H) Dynamic market opportunity
    I) Market Size…