To the plauts and guardistans

asmarahutBy Teweldeberhan Gebre

Recently, Martin Flawed (Plaut), pissed off by the European Union’s engagement with the government of Eritrea (GoE), has posted a garbage stuff under the title “Why do EU leaders still think they can engage with Eritrea’s regime?” into the guardistans’ recycling bin. Mr. Flawed must be in his broken bed when he was writing his garbage stuff to end up into the guardistans’ bin. Interestingly, the EU’s engagement with the government and the people of Eritrea is no more an idea. It has already transformed into action by the signing of the €200 million worth long term development assistance through the 11th European Development Fund (EDF). Engagement is not the stake now but progress report on the use of the €200 million funds of the long term partnerships. One year has already gone since the Fund’s implementations began.

Following the announcement of the €200 million flagship signing between the EU and the GoE, the European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, made it clear that:

“The EU provides development aid where it is most needed to reduce poverty and support people. In Eritrea, we have agreed to promote activities with concrete results for the population, such as the creation of job opportunities and the improvement of living conditions. At the same time, we are insisting on the full respect of human rights as part of our ongoing political dialogue with Eritrea. As in other countries, the EU engages with governments around the world to promote human rights, democracy, and people-centred development everywhere.”

I only hope a successful Mid-Term/Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) report by the EU and the GoE. I also hope the GoE plays fair game with its partners in the interest of the people of Eritrea, particularly the youth through creating decent and gainful jobs. For the Flaweds and guardistans wellbeing of Eritreans is none of their business. Their regime change conspiracy didn’t work and are pissing off the EU leaders for their good work. The flaweds and guardistans are trying to undermine to the underlining principles of the EU assistance stated above by the EU official. This shows their disregard to the impending needs of the Eritrean people but regime change. Last month, in a panel discussion sponsored by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) on “UK approach to Eritrean refugees: what is the reality on the ground?” Mr. Flawed was one of the panelists. The moderator of the panel asked Mr. Flawed “what can be done to reconcile the difference between the two countries [Eritrea and Ethiopia]?” Mr. Flawed tried to answer the question as: “until there is some change in one of the major factors currently keeping in this terrible stalemate going until one of them change [meaning either the leader of Eritrea or Ethiopia] there will not be a change.”

He kept explaining to the audience that the regime in Eritrea has to change. Why? Because bla bla bla… Mr. Flawed didn’t tell us why the regime in Ethiopia should stay in power despite all the genocides being committed in the Gambella, Ogaden, the Amhara, and other regions of Ethiopia. If he were a man of common sense he would stand first against the genocidal regime in Ethiopia and then talk about the oppressive regime in Eritrea. In essence, Mr. flawed and the guardistans problem with the GoE is ideological, neither human rights abuses nor lack of democracy in Eritrea.

Nevertheless, the flaweds and guardistans still think the EU is still trying to contemplate engagement with the GoE. If you didn’t know yet, unlike its ally across the Atlantic, the EU is on the ground working side by side with the government and the people of Eritrea. Human rights and regime change in Eritrea is not your business. If required it is our business.

  • many thanks, Hawileyto

  • Once again.Great article! The article is balanced and measured and defies all conspiracies our motherland. Thank you for writing the truth, nothing but the truth! As to the useless Plaut, that is how he earn his living by writing articles aka the Weyane goons south of us.