To What Can We Compare Eritrea’s Opposition?

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  • Kubrom

    The so called die hards are living from handouts of the governments they are living. If Eritrea is engaging with the developed World, they are going to lose the money they are gettig. For that matter they have to oppose any good relationship of Eritrea with the Developed World. They will never think of their people in the Home Country, Eritrea.
    God bless Erirtrea and its people
    Awet N’Hafash

  • Saba

    I Think Mr Tewelde-Berhan’s idea must taking seriosly but as he puted it we have no any oppostion.

  • awget

    There is no apposition in Eritrea/ We have a little group of people who betray our country and this is treason not apposition,Lord have mercy.